REIT Basics

What are Real Estate Investment Trusts?

Many local people own REITs, either as individual investors or through mutual funds and employer pension plans. If you invest in a mutual fund or retirement plan, chances are you receive dividends from REITs.

REITs are a way for people, including Hawaii residents, to own professionally-managed real estate—much like the way mutual funds enable small investors to own bonds and corporate stocks.

Ka Makana Ali’i

In Hawaii, public REITs own more than 80 properties with an estimated value of over $13 billion.

Thousands of Leeward residents enjoy shopping at Ka Makana Ali’i daily.

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"We started out with less than 800 square feet and we’ve had five different expansions. Douglas Emmett has been really good in allowing us to take on additional space…we didn’t have to go and find a whole new location, and we could organically grow with the demand of business."

Image of Lora Nakai

Lora Nakai
President and Owner, Heaven on Earth Spa